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Knitting Clothing

Our children will be able to experience the warmth of their mother's lap at any moment with our hand-knitted clothes.

All of our products are handcrafted with love for our children.

Ropes and materials suitable for child health are used. All threads are unique,
sustainably handmade and made by talented local artists and artisans.

You can spin at low speed.

We recommend using liquid baby detergent.

Make sure to wash your products by hand

Do not use fabric softener.

Avoid using detergents with high abrasive power.

Do not dry in the dryer.


Amigurumi is a Japanese art and it is not harmful for babies and children as it is knitted by hand and made from yarn. Amigurumi toys and characters not only improve your baby's dexterity, but also support their senses of touch and sight.
Our products are completely handmade and produced from organic yarns suitable for baby health.

  •  It is in the organic toy class.
  • It is in the category of toys that help imagination and social development.
  • Bead fiber is used in its inner filling.
  • Clothes can be taken off and put on.
  • Toys with secure lock eyes are suitable for children over 3 years old.

Every sale of handmade dolls generates income for many manufacturers and their families.


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