Donation to Turkiye for Earthquake Disaster Survivors

Help Earthquake Survivor Children


Hello friends,

As, we have decided to act as a bridge to meet the needs of children affected by the earthquake. We are mobilizing to deliver the amigurumi dolls you purchase from our website in America to the children affected by the earthquake in Turkey.

We need your support in this endeavor. Each amigurumi doll you purchase can bring a happy smile to a child’s face. Therefore, with every purchase you make from, you will have made a difference in a child’s life.

At, we will manage this process completely transparently. Each amigurumi doll you purchase will be delivered to earthquake victims, along with your name. This way, you can follow where your donation went and which child was made happy with this gift.

Join us and create a happy smile on a child’s face. Each amigurumi doll you purchase will be delivered to the children of earthquake victims.

Thank you,

“Earthquake is one of the natural disasters that pose a great threat worldwide. Children are most affected during an earthquake, while people try to escape in a panic. Earthquakes can cause harm to children’s safety and psychological health. Some things can be done to cheer up children affected by earthquakes.

Tell Stories: You can distract children by telling them stories. The stories can help reduce children’s fears and encourage them to think positively.

Draw Pictures: Children may be very scared and upset during an earthquake. It can be a good idea to draw their attention elsewhere by letting them draw pictures. This will help them use their imagination and make them feel better.

Play Music: Music has many positive effects that alleviate depressive and sad moods. Playing music for earthquake-affected children can help them relax and even encourage them to dance.

Play Games: Encouraging earthquake-affected children to play games can positively occupy their minds. Simple games like paper games, chess, and Monopoly can increase their concentration and help them relax.

Selections of Toys: Giving amigurumi dolls to children affected by earthquakes can provide them with a friend and playmate. Additionally, these dolls can also help children use their imagination and creativity. Amigurumi dolls can be a cute and comforting toy option for earthquake-impaired children. Amigurumi dolls are small, soft, and colorful handmade dolls that can make children feel special and important.

Encourage Creative Activities: Doing creative activities can be an excellent option to cheer up earthquake-affected children. For example, painting together, doing handicrafts or developing hobbies can help children feel better about themselves.

In conclusion, many options exist to cheer up earthquake-affected children and lift their spirits. Children can experience significant stress and fear during natural disasters. Therefore, special attention should be paid to their psychological health. For earthquake-affected children, showing love, kindness, and understanding is the most important thing.”