Evil Eye Bead

Evil Eye Bead


Negative energy, jealousy, and protection against envy: evil eye bead

Today, it is believed that the evil eye bead, which is used in many ways such as jewelry, decoration, and ornament, protect people and spaces from negative energies and jealous looks.

Studies by historians show that the first evil eye bead was found in excavations in Mesopotamia and its origin date back to 3300 BC. The eye is the window of living things to the world, it is accepted that all good and bad thoughts and energies are reflected through the eyes. In addition, the evil eye can come from negative emotions, as well as from excessive love of people for their relatives. Since it is believed that children are most affected by this type of evil eye, when babies are born, evil eye beads are attached to their bed, surroundings, and clothes, and evil eye objects are hung in their room and

Why are evil eye beads blue?

It is known that BLUE has an absorbing feature, considering that colors also carrydifferent frequencies. For this reason, as the blue Eye of Horus (Moon’s eye) wasfound in the archaeological excavations,blue was accepted as a protective power because the color of the sky gods was blue.Although there are many colors of eye symbol beads today, the place and power of the color blue are kept separately.

As a result, jewelry and accessories with evil eye beads, ornaments and decorative items designed to protect us from all negative energy, envy and jealousy, lousy luck, excessive love, and all kinds of positive and negative thoughts continue to add elegance and beauty to both our souls and our lives.

Where can we use Evil Eye Beads?

Evil eye beads;

  • Ourselves, our children, and our loved ones,
  • At the entrance of our house, rooms, over the doors, gardens, * To the
    workplace, to the rooms of the houses,
  • Our pets,
  • To our plants and flowers, even to a corner of the gardens that produce good
  • Vehicles such as cars, trucks, and buses In short, we can use them for both protection
    and decorative purposes in all areas we live in.
    Due to its visual beauty, we can include every color in our lives without limiting
    our choices only to blue.