Hand Knitting

Loop by Loop with Colorful Balls of Love: HAND KNITTING

Hand Knitting

How many people do you think do not have hand-knit sweaters, berets, gloves, or shawls in their wardrobes? Or you must have come across people who feel depressed and say that they calm down and relax with the skewer and wool they hold.
Let’s travel to the past a little about these braids, which are definitely in our lives;


The history of the “art of knitting”, which is the process of interlacing the loops with tools such as crochet, special needles, needles, and shuttles, is as old as the history of humanity.
The first historical documents related to knitting were found in archaeological excavations in Central Asia, before Jesus, V.-VI. In the centuries, it was found that people knit wool with skewers.
The history of knitting in Turks dates back to BC. 7-8. centuries extends to the Hun Period in Central Asia.
Other studies show fishermen, soldiers, and sailors in England in the 13th century aimed to keep their heads warm with hats knitted from natural fibers.

In England and Ireland, knitting was originally reserved for men only. Women were not allowed to knit, and the privilege of knitting was reserved only for men. So much so that no women were accepted to the first knitting union opened in Paris in 1527.


In the Victorian era, knitting was the most important indicator that a woman was well raised. It was also known that Queen Victoria loved knitting. It was also known that Queen Victoria loved to knit.
The braids made are usually identified by the name of the simple tool used; Crochet knitting, Needle Knitting, Needle Lace, Shuttle Lace, Macrame Knitting…

Although knitting and using knitted clothes became outdated and lost popularity in the 70s and 80s, reasons such as nostalgia for nature, reduction of gender discrimination, the goodness of knitting for anxiety and depression, protection of the brain against aging, increase in color and variety, etc. It has a re-increased interest in things.

Today, in such diversity, our loved ones, our children, and even our paws friends will surround our hearts, there is definitely a ball of happiness that will warm our hearts, is it not so what do you say?